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Our mission is to offer the best boat lifts in all of South Florida. We provide customized solutions to all boat owners to protect and preserve their boats.

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Faro Boat Lifts also has all the necessary infrastructure for the installation of your boat lift system in a short time. We consider the quality, durability, safety, aesthetic finish of the product, as well as the care of the natural environment a priority. We manufacture products designed to last, created with marine-grade anticorrosive materials (or for marine environments), stainless steel accessories, aluminum beams, high-speed and efficient gears and motors to achieve the highest possible precision in positioning boats.

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  • We are committed to manufacturing boat lifts following the best techniques and practices in the industry.
  • Our designs are safe, visually pleasing, resistant to corrosion, durable and adaptable.
  • We accept challenges and face each project with the same level of dedication and professionalism.
  • We manufacture in an innovative way boat lifts and platforms for all types of boats.
  • We work with different budgets, and we have the best value for money in the market.