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Our Products

  • Small Craft Lifts

    Designed for small boats with a capacity of up to 3,000 lbs, such as Personal Watercraft and Jet Ski, they are lightweight, easy-to-install systems that can be mounted on piles or docks. We have a solution for every PWC.

  • Beamless Lifts

    A system capable of supporting up to 30,000 lbs, use individual heads on each stand or pile to raise and adjust the boat, are designed not to obstruct the view, so is a good option for many homeowners.

  • Floating Dock Lifts

    They are ideal for use in deeper waters. Our floating boat lift system is flexible, adjustable and comfortable to move from one place to another. Use flotation tanks that allow a fluid lift with the rise of the tide.

  • Cradle Boat Lifts

    This system offers stability to support boats up to 120,000 pounds or more. It usually uses 4 or 8 support piles for lifting the boat and parallel upper beams that each contain a motor driven shaft for a smooth and easy ascent.

  • Platform Boat Lifts

    This is a convenient solution that integrates with vertical boat lift systems and elevator boat lifts. It uses a platform to support the boat that goes up and down with it, allowing access to the ship or personal boat safely and without obstructing the view.

  • Elevator Boat Lifts

    The system supports boats up to 40,000 pounds, used when an additional lift is needed, in waterfronts where regulations prohibit the use of piles, or where it is difficult to anchor them. Can be installed vertically or inclined.

  • Custom Boat Lifts

    We pride ourselves on having the engineering and expertise necessary to create boat lifting solutions for each need and space in a personalized way, analyzing each project in detail to ensure solid results.

  • Accessories

    We have all the accessories for your project, from remotes, stairs, walkways, motors, stern platform, pulley, gearboxes, cable keeper, boarding platform, top beam covers, floating / hinged access platform.